AbelCine Master Class
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AbelCine Master Class Grant Application

University Film and Video Association Members


AbelCine is offering U.F.V.A. institutional members two competitive awards per year for on-site master classes with the latest vision and sound capture equipment. AbelCine will work with the successful awardees to customize AbelCine's existing classes and workshops to the needs of each institution and will bring equipment and instructors to the institutions at mutually agreed upon times-- spring semester 2016 (for this first year).


Complete the following information and renew or join as institutional member.  Applications are to be made by an individual officer or faculty member on behalf of a UFVA institutional member with the signature of your department chair, dean or administrative representative.  Email your application to Heather Addison [heather.addison@wmich.edu] by November 15, 2015.  All winners will be notified by December 1st, 2015.


1. Applicant’s name, program and university


2. How long have you been an individual member of UFVA?  How long has your institution been a member?


3. Number of students in film, video, photography or image capture and related technology programs; type of programs, including undergraduate and/or graduate.  If you are a small program would you potentially partner with any regional schools for classes?  If so, which ones?


4. Overview of film equipment used on regular basis and film needs


5. Please describe the kinds of students that you serve (include diversity info), internship/job opportunities and any relevant goals or assessment data for your program {e.g. # women in directing classes].


6. Please describe your program and what is distinctive about it.  How would a master class benefit your students? Your program?


7. Please describe the kinds of master classes or workshops, in order of preference that would most benefit your program.  (http://training.abelcine.com/workshops/)


8.  Include brief comments and links to any film or media work from up to three students that highlight strengths and/or weaknesses of your program and how they motivate your desire for master classes. 


9. Please list three potential dates in the Spring 2016 semester for your master class.


10.  Would you be willing to document/describe your free workshop for the UFVA/UFVF website?  Tell us how.


U.F.V.A. Institutional membership is only $175 per year and includes UFVA website email and marketing opportunities, CILECT mailings, and the Journal of Film and Video.  See http://www.ufva.org/?page=Membership

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